Friday, 30 March 2012

Work in Progress

I'm in the middle of sorting out my 1750pt Panzerkampfgruppe force to play Ben on the 9th April. My Panthers are assembled and awaiting paint so I've moved on to sorting out the Nebelwerfers. I went with Battlefront for the figures as they are the only manufacturer that really covers the full range of options available to WWII forces.

The pack contains three Nebelwerfers, each with five crew, an SMG command stand and an observer stand, plus the bases for all the models. The contents can be seen set out below.

Before opening the pack I was a bit concerned about the casting quality as I've found that Battlefront figures often need a lot of clean-up. But I was pleasantly surprised. There was no flash and all that needed doing was a bit of trimming on the bases as usual. I was a bit unsure of how the Nebelwerfers went together and what some of the parts were for, but a quick trip to Google sorted that out.

Mystery parts!

Everything went together ok and they're now on the pile awaiting a trip to the garage for priming. I'll put some photos up of the finished force later. All I need now is my order from Maelstrom to arrive. I'm waiting on some Forged in Battle PaK 40's and some paint. The Forged in Battle stuff is still on order and has been for over two weeks now. I hope it arrives in time to get painted up.


  1. Just checking that you found out what the mystery parts are. The one on the left goes at the front of the Neb, the other 2 are bits to go on the bases, casings and the like.

    I hope you get everything together for the game, I'm still waiting on 4 Shermans...

    1. Yeah I managed to sort it out thanks.

      I can proxy some stuff if it doesn't arrive in time but hopefully it will. Fingers crossed.


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