Thursday, 20 September 2012

Not As A Good Deal As I Thought

I posted earlier about The Plastic Soldier Company's 28mm Soviet 'megadeal' of 57 infantry, 4 maxims (2 firing and 2 moving), 2 x 50mm mortars, 2 x 82mm mortars, 4 x anti tank rifles, 1 x 45mm anti tank gun and 1 x 76mm infantry gun all for £35. I felt it was such a good deal for Bolt Action that I placed an order.

However when I sat down to actually build a list I realised it wasn't as a good deal for Bolt Action as I'd thought. The problem lies with the Force Selection Rules on p.124. Basically although you can have a maximum of five infantry squads with two Officers you are limited to a maximum of one for all the other troop types. For example you can have

0-1   Tank, Tank Destroyer, Anti-aircraft vehicle or Self-propelled Artillery

So you can't field an AA vehicle and a tank in the same force. So I'm ok with the infantry in the megadeal but I have problems with the rest.

The megadeal contains four anti tank rifles but the most I can ever use is one. The same applies to the four Maxim machine guns. I can have either one 50mm mortar or 82mm mortar but not both in the same force so that's two spare that I can never use. The guns are ok but again it's either/or as I can't use both in the same force.

A force list from the megadeal would look something like this:

2 x Officer with 2 riflemen
4 x 11 man infantry squads with lmg's
1 x Medic
1 x Sniper team
1 x Maxim team
1 x Anti tank rifle team
1 x Mortar team (either 50mm or 82mm)
1 x Gun team (either 45mm ATG or 76mm infantry gun)

So I'm going to have three anti tank rifles, three Maxim's, one 50mm mortar and one 82mm mortar that I'll never be able to use. It's not the end of the world but if I'd realised that before I placed the order I probably wouldn't have ordered it as it's not as good a deal as I'd thought. Well we live and learn. (unless we're wargamers)


  1. A specific problem when buying troops. Not so bad with my 6mm (one or two left overs costing 2p each) but I'm sure with 28mm it can be a pain.

    Plus 6mm figures can be easily converted. I use 'left over' tanks to denote smoking casualties on the battlefield so we can see where each tank or vehicle kill took place. It looks great at the end of the battle with smoke columns rising from all points of the field.

    1. Sadly 6mm isn't really suited for skirmish gaming. At least not with my eyesight!
      But you've given me an idea. I may think about using the leftovers for casualty/pin/objective markers. Thanks.

  2. Ferb, I think you're reading it wrong, as you can have multiple 0-1 choices.

    "So long as you have sufficient points remaining, you can always stop at any stage and start again with a second reinforced platoon, and then a third, and so on, ..."

    "It is perfectly possible to spend all the points available on one large reinforced platoon, or to buy several smaller reinforced platoons allowing for a higher proportion of specialized units."

    e.g. I take two platoons in my Soviet list. That gives me the option to take two T-34s. Yes, each is a 0-1 choice, but that is per platoon, not for the army list as a whole.

    1. Ahh, I didn't realise that. Thanks for the info.


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