Saturday, 10 March 2012

FoW Escalation Campaign

Graham from Christchurch Crusaders is going to be running a FoW escalation campaign on Thursday nights, so I've decided to take part. These are the details so far:
This is very loosely based on the Cassino campaign / Infantry Aces combined with the Normandy invasion so I'll be borrowing rules from Infantry Aces along with the Map from Cassino to play through an "invasion" campaign.
This will be very simple with progressive games starting at 750 points, then 1000, then 1250 and finally 1500-2000 points for the last game.
Each player will have a starting point on the map from where they will launch their assault and play through various stages potentially meeting up with any opponents forces as they go.
Looking forward to this but my plan of learning the rules by playing tank only forces is out of the window as my Panther force won't fit with Graham's plans. So I'll be going with my LW U.S. Rifle Company(Italy).

The lists I will be using are here.

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