Thursday, 8 March 2012

Why I hate

And, to a lesser extent, The Plastic Soldier Company. Both of these are conspiring to bankrupt me! It's true! I'm looking through lists on EasyArmy & I'm thinking oooh Finnish that looks like a fun army but it's going to cost a fortune to build. Then I look on TPSC site and they have the models I need at great prices forcing me to buy a new force that I don't need! And it gets worse you go back to EasyArmy and notice that you can use Pz38t's in EW, MW & LW plus those swine at TPSC have cheap 38t's as well so you add those to the buy list. Of course you'll need all the infantry, recon, artillery & air support to go with the 4 armies you've now convinced yourself you need. To top this off your wargamers brain has convinced you that this is a bargain as you're saving a fortune buying plastic kits when if it hadn't been for EasyArmy you would never have thought of it in the first place! I wonder if this is what happens with women & shoes.


  1. They are both great sites, but if I bought every army I liked the look of I would buy about 4 armies a month!

  2. Same problem here; Easyarmy's "pick list" option is even worse, as at a glance I can see what I need


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