Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Game 2: Circle's Revenge

The gloves came off for game 2. Back into the box went pKaya & out came pBaldaur along with Megalith, Gorax, a Feral Warpwolf & 3 Shifting Stones, but no UA this time so no stealth for the stones. My force was the same as the last battle.
I won initiative again & made Paul set up & go first. My set up saw the Shocktroopers on my left with the Destroyer & Juggernaut on my right with Sorcha behind them. The stones again lead Paul's advance & again I advanced slowly till I got in range of the lead stone which again died to ranged attacks forcing Paul to pull them back where they could be used to heal nearby models if necessary (which annoyingly they did to good effect). Then I got a bit over aggressive. I decided it was time for Megalith to die. I cast Wind Rush on Sorcha to move her forward & popped my feat freezing Megalith & the Feral. A shot from Sorchas gun did a couple of points damage to the Megalith. This was followed by casting Boundless Charge onto the Juggernaut to allow him to charge in on the frozen Megalith. Four auto hitting attacks saw the Megalith nearly dead, his extra armor from a spell made the difference. The Shocktroopers did a few points of damage on the Feral but nothing serious. A shot from the Destroyer hit but did no damage.The position in the game is shown below.

Paul responded by having Megalith pick up the Juggernaut and throw it at Sorcha. Luckily for me his aim was off & he missed plus he didn't manage to do any damage to the Juggernaut. He then buffed the Feral & charged him into the Shocktroopers killing two of them. Megalith was also healed by the stones & got a regen roll which healed his critical damage giving him full effectiveness.  On my turn the Destroyer's shooting was again ineffectual. The now unfrozen Megalith was much harder to hit & the Juggernaut (after having to spend focus to stand up) attacked but was unable to finish him off. The Shocktroopers contiued to beat on the Feral wearing him down. On Paul's turn he then laid into the Juggernaut crippling his Movement with his first attack which did a massive 13pts of damage! Luckily his subsequent attacks were less effective and the Juggernaut survived. The Feral had Primal cast on him last turn making him frenzy this turn & his one attack did little damage to a Shocktrooper. The Megalith was again healed by the stones and got a regen roll. The Juggernaut's attacks again were not enough to fish off the Megalith so Sorcha decided to move in & finish off the Megalith but it's high defence & armor thwarted her efforts. The current situation is shown below.

pBaldaur then decided it was time to end things stepping forward & using his stack of fury to cut Sorcha to ribbons. Game over, one game each.
So my thoughts on Warmachine. I'd played Hordes with Trollbloods about a year ago & hated it, ending up selling my stuff on eBay. Did I enjoy the games with Khador? Yes, (then again I always enjoy games against Paul). Would I play again? Yes I would. Would I expand the force to 25pts? Maybe. 35pts? Probably not. It's just so expensive to buy stuff for Warmachine & given that I probably won't play that often it's hard to justify the expense. Do I prefer it to my other skirmish game Malifaux? No way, Malifaux with it's schemes & strategies mechanic has more depth to it & coupled to its simple yet complex tactics and gameplay plus much, much cheaper figures makes it still my favourite.

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