Friday, 23 March 2012

'The Ansible' Issue 14 is out.

Just come across 'The Ansible' pdf magazine and I'm impressed by what I have read to date. The magazine is available as a free download  with an optional Donate button (do the right thing and send them some cash if you enjoy it). The magazine specialises in Science Fiction and fantasy wargaming. As well as it's regular columns the latest issue has articles on
  • Dystopian Wars
  • Gears of War
  • Carnevale
  • Dystopian Wars, Painting the Kingdom of Britannia
  • Firestorm Armada Battle Report

I was particularly interested in it as I'm thinking of moving into Dystopian Wars in a small way. I found the article on starting Dystopian Wars helpful, informative and unbiased. The regular painting column covers painting various Dystopian Wars models in some depth (10 pages) something you won't see in traditional paper magazines.
I also enjoyed their product review section, particularly their review of Hirst Arts moulds. I've thought about buying some moulds & casting my own terrain in the past. So this review and their look at how to cast terrain using them was most useful.


  1. I didn't know about thisd mag, thanks for the info.

    I would highly recommend D Wars, great game! What faction are you thinking about collecting?

  2. Whichever one I can find going cheap on e-Bay :-)

  3. LOL I was thinking of selling my Japs if your interested?

    1. I might be, depends if I win any of the auctions I'm bidding on (and the price :-) )

    2. Well if your interested I have:-

      The Starter Fleet
      3 Gunships
      4 Inari
      2 Squids
      Tsukuyomi War Gyro

      So about £80 worth of Models. I'll happily say £45 for the lot.

      I'm not in a a big rush, so if your Ebaying doesn;t go well let me know.

    3. Also forgot to say it's all unpainted by 2 Inari and a few ships have been base coated Brown, but it's a very light layer of paint


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