Thursday, 15 March 2012

On the painting table 2

So the plan for this week was to collect my PSC Panthers monday night and then assemble & paint eight of them for a 1500pt FoW game at Christchurch Crusaders tonight. Is that what happened? No. Although I did get the tanks from Graham, having to get a new central heating boiler installed got in the way. Also I couldn't get a 1500pt FoW game arranged.
But all is not lost. I am taking part in their FoW escalation campaign and have a 750pt game arranged with Graham tonight. However it's an Infantry Aces type campaign so no all tank forces. This means my US Rifle Company (Italy) will get a run out. I will be using this list.
So what am I going to be painting for the rest of this week? Well I have some Basic Impetus games arranged for monday & I'd like to get my Classical Indian force done for then. I might also have a go at assembling some of my Panthers & maybe get some primer on them. I also need to get a start on my 10mm Pendraken Napoleonic figures for Lasalle. I've painted up a test figure and it went better than I expected. There's plenty of detail on the models & as I'd hoped it was fast to paint up. 
I'll try to get some pictures up later in the week and I'll also post a batrep about tonights FoW game. Plus I have another post already written about the new 'Maurice' rules that I was going to post today but I'm waiting on the ok to use someone else's pictures. Hopefully that will be up soon.


  1. Shame you couldn't get a 1500pts game. I have just picked up a Box of PSC Panthers for my Hungarians. The models are so so nice!

    I like your US list, but Air support in 750pts... Cheese!

  2. Hehe, guilty as charged. I'm mainly using them as artillery substitutes as the rules are easier to understand. I'll be interested in seeing how your Panthers turn out.

  3. I'm down in Bournemouth on the 9th of April, I was hoping to get a game of FOW in against you but I see you are down to play against Paul, so I don't know if you would have time to fit me in as well?

    1. I'll rearrange my game with Paul so it won't be a problem.

    2. If thats not a pain I would be very much appreciated. What do you want to play with? I would love to play against some Germans with my Irish Guards as I should have then finished up then and I'm planning on using them on the Sunday against Dave (Hangfire on the Exiles Forum).

      Thanks Ben

    3. Sorted I'm playing Paul on the 2nd now.
      I can have my Panthers done for then no problem. I'll see if I can add some stuff & make a bit more balanced force for them. What points do you want to do?

  4. I have planned 1750pts of Irish Guards, but I'm flexible. I hope to have 2 different lists ready. One with planes one without.


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