Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Quick Review: Dave Graffam 'Low Ruins' Papercraft Buildings

I made up some more papercraft terrain today. This time it was from Dave Graffam's 'Low Ruins' set. They come as a pdf with 'layers' you can select to get the 'look' you want. So you can choose the texture of the inside & outside walls as well as the flooring. In addition to that you can add things like windows & doors, air vents & battle damage.
There are also four different sizes of floorplan which give different 'looks' to the walls of the ruins. If you want to use them for 28mm as well as for 15mm gaming you can. You just print them out at whatever scale you like by using the scaling option in your printer properties (the ratios for the different scales are included in the instructions).

The two ruins in the above photo show some of the options available. They are the same model except the one on the left has the same texture inside and out on the walls. While the other has brick outside and plaster inside. You can also change the floor texture as shown below.

The options for textures include various types of wood, brick & stone and give you literally hundreds of different possible combinations. The ones I printed out I scaled for 15mm which gives a 3" x 3" size. The picture below includes some figures to give you an idea of scale.

They are fairly quick & easy to make (about 20 minutes) and give you lots of very cheap terrain. The Dave Graffam range is extensive covering all kinds of period & genre. Overall I would rate the 'Low Ruins' set at 7/10. The collapsed walls are a bit of a pain to cut out & match up as you print out the outside & inside pieces separately and then have to glue them together.

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