Sunday, 15 April 2012

New Paint Range

I was in Tesco looking for some superglue when I noticed some large bottles of paint in the kids art section. I was drawn to them because I've just ordered a bunch of desert terrain from Kerr & King and will need a lot of white for drybrushing. This large bottle (285ml) was only 97p and I thought you can't go wrong at that price. It was then I noticed that they had a whole range of colours including some nice looking metallics and not just the usual gold and silver but also shades such as metallic green. I decided to buy a nice looking copper metallic to use on the boilers of my DW fleet and possibly Warmachine figures. The metallic bottles were a little smaller at 120ml but were still only 97p.

The colour of the copper is a little off here.

Although it didn't say anything on the bottles I was pretty sure they were acrylics. I confirmed this when I got home and tried them out. The bottles have a card and foil seal which needs to be removed before use and have a flip top with a small nozzle underneath to allow you to dispense the paint in a controlled fashion.

I tried the white first and although it looks quite thick it's coverage wasn't as good as you would get with Citadel Skull White. But then again most whites need multiple coats to get a decent effect. The copper was better and gave good coverage, certainly no worse than Citadel metallics. I'll certainly use the white for drybrushing the buildings but I'll probably stick to to Citadel or Vallejo white for miniatures. The copper I'm happy to use on miniatures and with 120ml in the bottle I'll probably be dead before I run out!

So if you're in the market for some paint head over to your local Tesco and check out the 'Go Create' Ready Mixed Paint range.

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  1. I use that copper for some of my troops - with an ink wash it produces a lovely bronze.


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