Saturday, 14 April 2012

Dystopian Dilemma, Solved?

A few days ago I wrote about my difficulties in chosing a painting scheme for my Dystopian Wars Empire of the Blazing Sun fleet. I mentioned in the post that the models looked more like trains than ships which gave me an idea.

If they look like trains why not paint them like trains. I knew that before privatisation British railway companies all had their own liveries. So I had a look round the 'net and found the LNER livery of apple green with black & red accent colours. I had previously considered using green and I thought this would work out well.

How the livery looked on a train.

I'm not sure how well the scheme will work on the flying models though. But I'll deal with them later. After all there's no rule to say the flying and naval models should use the same painting scheme.

I'll prime the models this weekend and try the scheme out on one of the frigates to see how it looks. I'll probably post the results some time next week.

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