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40K Kill Team Campaign System

I mentioned in yesterday's post that I'd written a campaign based on 40K's Kill Team rules and that I'd give you the details so here goes.

Below is a suggestion for a KT campaign. You can join as a regular player or a casual (see Mercenaries section).

Kill Team Campaign

Anything goes! Assassinations, alliances, spying etc etc. Simply tell the Campaign Master (CM) what you want to do and he will tell you what happens and what it might cost in RP's. (Think of it as an RPG element with a DM.)

Basic Rules
Each player starts with 500 pts (RP's) which is specified as 2 active 200 pt Kill Teams (KT) and 100 pts of 'reserves'( RP's). Any losses to your KT's can be made up from your reserve points (RP). However if you run out of RPs your teams must fight as they are. You are not allowed to swap points between your active KT. All KT must be from the same codex. If you want to change the composition (partial or complete rewrite) of either of your active lists you can pay RP to do so at a cost of 5RP for the first change 10 for the second 15 for the third and so on... You can build up your reserve points total by capturing and holding planetary systems. All planetary systems generate reserve points each turn they are under your control. Not all planetary systems generate the same amount of RP's

All planetary systems under your control are defended by a 'free' 200 pt KT representing planetary defence forces which are separate from your active forces. The defence forces are always assumed to be at full strength and do not require RPs to replenish losses.

Players must submit 4 KT lists at the start of the campaign. 2 of the lists will be your active KT and 2 will be defence KT. The active KT lists can be identical or different at the players choice. The 2 defence KT ( Alpha & Bravo) must be different from each other but can be the same as the active lists (this means that you only need a minimum of two different KT lists but can have up to four different lists). When one of your planets is attacked you make a random roll (D6 123 Alpha, 456 Bravo) to see which one of the 2 defence teams are the defending force.

The campaign will be fought over a newly discovered 'Wheel' galaxy with limited jump routes representing the spokes. The winner of the campaign will be the player who holds the central hub system for 2 consecutive turns. The actual layout of the system will be determined once it's known how many people want to take part.

Each turn will last for 2 weeks real time. If a projected battle is not completed within the allotted time the defenders are victorious and retain any RP's generated by the planetary system. The attacking force is assumed to be delayed in the warp and loses 5 RP's.

All battles are to be fought on 3x3 tables (larger is allowed if both players agree). The terrain will be determined in advance by the Campaign Master (CM) and each encounter will have a scenario also selected by the CM. There may be intelligence reports available to one or both players about the scenario or opposing players forces. These intelligence reports may or may not be accurate! There will also be a chance of a random event happening during the game. At the start of the game both players roll 1 D6 if the total of the 2 dice is 12 the defender rolls 1 D6 and consults the random events table to see what event occurs. They then roll another D6 to see when the event occurs 1, 2, 3 and it occurs at the start of the defenders first, second, or third turn. 4, 5, 6 and it occurs at the start of the attackers first, second, or third turn. If both players agree you can skip the random events but this must be done before rolling to see what the random event will be.

All battles end once one side loses at least 101 pts. A player may resign before their losses reach this total. However doing so incurs an additional 10 pt RP loss and the attacker gains an additional 10 RP's from the captured equipment/resources left behind in your cowardly retreat. The victor of each battle gains control of the planetary system and will receive its generated RP's.

If you want to take part but are not sure if you can commit the time you may register as a mercenary. Mercs have 300RP and must submit one 200pt KT list. A merc can join at any time during the campaign. There may also be opportunities to play as the defender on a planet that has not previously been captured by a player.

If a campaign player is unable to play one of the scheduled games in the 2 weeks they can try and hire a merc to play for them. The cost in RP's for this is negotiated between the player and the merc and the CM must be informed so that the relevant book keeping can take place. The merc does not have to comply with the agreement made and can make a deal with the defender if they so wish or simply not turn up. However this information will be made available to all players after the event so will perhaps adversely affect the likelihood of the merc receiving any further contracts.. or will it?

If at any time the merc accumulates 500 RP's they can, if they so choose, enter the campaign as a full player. The 'Home' system for that player will then be determined by the CM. If they choose to become a full player they cease to be classed as mercenaries.

Sample Scenarios
Here is a brief outline of some of the possible scenarios:

Get at least 2 of your figures off your opponents table edge.

Ambush with ambushers troops represented by markers ( one extra marker for each figure in list as fakes ) only revealed when ambusher fires/moves that figure or enemy figure comes within 3 inches of the marker.

Capture enemy control centre (usual objective capturing rules apply)

KILL Everyone!!!!!!!!!!

Capture a prisoner. When you kill an enemy model it is instead incapacitated you must remain in base to base contact with it until you can move it off your own table edge.

The scenario you will be playing will be revealed individually to each player. In certain cases each player may have a different scenario objective. But as always if you lose 101 points the game is over.

Sample random event

Psyren appears. Any figure within 3 inches of the Psyren sees it as an alluring girl/boy/sheep/goat/android and must immediately move into base to base contact with the Psyren (nudge nudge wink wink). That figure cannot then move/assault/fire for the rest of its turn. Any figure that moves within 3" of the Psyren for whatever reason is also affected by the Psyren's call.

The Psyren moves in each players turn. Roll a scatter dice and 2 D6 to determine distance and direction of the Psyren's move. If the Psyren moves more than 3" away from a previously enamoured figure that figure recovers and can move and shoot as normal except that they are now naked and get no armour save. The player can forgo movement for that figure to put it's clothes back on, it may still fire as normal while dressing.

If figures of both players are enamoured at the same time and the Psyren moves more than 3" away from them they recover to find themselves in a naked melee. Roll a D2 to find out who was 'on top' that figure then gets the special rule 'Furious Charge' for one turn.

Although Dreadnoughts are affected by the Psyren's call they can never get out of their armour and are affected instead by intense frustration which stops them moving or firing while enamoured.

Psykers can make a normal Psyker roll to resist the Psyren's Call.

So there you have it. It's not earth shatteringly brilliant but it can be the basis of a quick, fun campaign. Feel free to make any modifications you wish, after all it will be your campaign.

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