Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Warmachine: Khador vs Mercenaries Game 1

Monday night saw a run out for my Khador forces again. This time I was playing Matt and his Mercenaries force at 20pts. I took my usual Sorcha, Juggernaut, Destroyer & 5 Man-o-War Shocktroopers. Matt took Drake MacBain, Mangler, 2 Nomads, Talon & Harlan Versh.

This was only my third game so I was still learning the rules and how best to use my models. I'd decided to form a solid line and shoot Matt as he attacked and then try and use my feat as a prelude to an all out attack.

My initial dispositions.

Matt's original dispositions.

Matt advanced quickly while I moved up nearer the choke point where I would wait patiently until he was in range of my guns.

The firing squad awaits it's targets.

Matt continues his advance

I fire on Matt's forces but do no damage. Matt splits off the Talon to go round the hill and threaten my right flank.

I react by moving the Juggernaut to engage. He uses his three focus to pound the Talon but it survives with 2 health left.

I charge the Shocktroopers into contact and do some damage but nothing fatal.

In his turn Matt lays into the Shocktroopers killing them all.

I then pop my feat freezing the enemy mechs which allows my Destroyer to make an assassination run on MacBain.

The Destroyer then uses his three focus to kill MacBain, game over. To be fair Matt was helping me a lot with tips and suggestions and without that I wouldn't have won.

We had time for a second game and I'll post the details of that one tomorrow.


  1. If you had the Butcher you would strike terror in to the hearts on men!

    1. He'll be my next caster but not for a while as I want to expand to 25pts before switching casters


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