Monday, 23 April 2012

Dystopian Wars EotBS Paint Scheme

Having decided on the colours for my EotBS fleet all I had to do was try it out on a test model. I decided to go with one of the frigates as they're quick to paint. The photo below shows how it turned out.

The source for the paint scheme

The base colour is Coat D'Arms Scorpion Green, the black and red are both Vallejo, the copper boilers are done with the cheap Go Create paint I blogged about previously, the silver is also from Coat D'Arms and the windows are Reeves Purple. I gave the whole model a coat of Army Painter Dark Tone dip. I'm fairly happy with how it came out except that I think I need to use a thinner coat of dip as it's given the ship a 'dirty' look. But I like the way the colour scheme worked out and all I have to do now is paint up the rest. As I'm playing a starter box game with Ben on Friday and a 1200pt game with Phil next Monday I need to crack on and get them painted up. I'll post some photos of the finished fleet later in the week.


  1. I thought Thomas the Tank engine when I spotted the link. However I think it is an amazing job and will be copying it when I get my Dystopian Wars models! Great work!


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