Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Kerr & King Buildings

Although I'm a fan of papercraft terrain I have just splashed out on a bunch of terrain from Kerr & King. The Exiles Gaming Group were putting together a club order so I bit the bullet and decided to invest in some 15mm & 10 mm terrain.

Their 'city in a box' deals are good value and I had a look at their range and decided on the desert set as I thought they looked the best (plus they're easier to paint). Also all the roofs are removable to allow you to place figures inside which is handy for FoW.

The package is £45 and for that you get the following:

The whole city

FoW objective marker

Medium adobe 'B' & courtyard

Large adobe & courtyard, it also has a 2nd floor which is removable

Medium adobe 'A' & courtyard
Small adobe

Walls & alternate roofs

I was only going to buy the 15mm terrain but when I saw the 10mm desert 'city in a box' I felt it was such good value at £27, and looked great, I just had to have it as well. Although my 10mm forces will all be European or ACW I justified buying the terrain by saying I could use it in an Imagi-Nations campaign. I didn't need much convincing!

Mosque & tower

Various buildings

Even more buildings
The full pack includes:
2 x Large 2 storey Adobe
2 x Single Level Adobe Large
2 x Single Level Adobe Small
2 x Split Level Adobe Large
2 x Split Level Adobe Small
2 x Additional Small Adobe
1 x Adobe Tower
1 x Mosque of Sidi Ben Ferdha

Now all I need to do is to decide how I'm going to paint them. I may spray them a sand colour and drybrush white or I may spray them white and give them a dark wash with white highlighting. I'll have to think about that for a bit. I'll try and get some WIP pictures up this week if I can.

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