Saturday, 7 April 2012

Dystopian Wars Resources

As a follow-up to yesterday's quick look at the rules I've decided to provide a series of links to resources you may find useful if you are new to the game.

First off the Official Spartan Games Dytopian Wars forum.
The forum is a great place to go and ask questions either on rules or tactics and I've found the people there to be friendly and helpful. It also has forums looking at painting and modelling if you need any ideas in those areas.

Next up is a series of three introductory videos by the guys from Triple Helix Wargames. They take you through the activations of an entire turn looking at how things like the rules for movement and firing and so on work in practice.

Video One
Video Two
Video Three

I've followed this up with a detailed battle report that can be found on the forums. This takes you through an entire game and although detailled it is also easy to follow.

The last batep I recommend is this one by SouthernCygnar. It has a great commentary and explanation of what's going on.

Moving on to articles you may find useful. Bell of Lost Souls has a number of good introductory articles.

Dystopian Wars 101: Game Introduction
Dystopian Wars: An Overview
Dystopian Wars: Some Basics
Dystopian Wars Tactics: Activations
Dystopian Wars: Combat Part One

There is also a good review of the rules in issue 14 of 'The Ansible' pdf magazine. That issue also has an article on painting KoB models.

If you want to run a campaign Kruger's Kreations blog has a set of campaign rules for you to download. You can also find reports on their campaign on the blog.

Hopefully that will be enough to get your started playing Dystopian Wars.


  1. Ohhh man! thanks for this! Me and a handful of buddies are droppin in on this game soon and this should help quite a bit! Also love the malifaux stuff... we've been doin our own blog on games too and its great to come across resources like this out of no where. thanks again, cant wait to watch these vids when im not at work! you can find us here:

    hopefully we too will have some Dystopian wars stuff soon! thanks again!

    1. Glad your enjoying my blog and finding this stuff useful. :-)


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