Friday, 27 April 2012

Dystopian Wars EotBS Starter Fleet Finished

Having decided on a paint scheme inspired by the LNER railway livery and been happy with the test model I painted up I've now finished my EotBS starter box. They should get their first run out against Ben this afternoon.

I still have two Ikas, four Inaris, three Gunships and a War Gyro to paint up for a 1200pt game I'm having on Monday so I'm going to have a busy weekend. I've left the aerial wing till last because I'm thinking of having a different paint scheme for them. There's two reasons for this, firstly two of the Inaris are already painted a maroon colour and I was a bit concerned that giving them a coat of primer then painting them again might lose some detail. Secondly I like the idea of using the maroon colour as the basis of an LMS inspired paint scheme for my aerial wing. I've still not made my mind up either way but I'll post up some more photos once they're finished.

Anyway here are some shots of my finished fleet.

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