Monday, 16 April 2012

New Troop Transport for Dystopian Wars

Spartan Games have announced the release of the first transport ship for Dystopian Wars. The Olympic Class Troop Transport will be hitting stores May 16th 2012. You will be able to place advance orders in the Spartan Games Online Store from next week. Below is the fluff relating to the model and a picture.

The Olympic Liner is one of the largest passenger ships ever created. Built at the massive Proctor & Mercer Shipyards in Middlesbrough, in the North East of Britannia, these impressive vessels have carried people over the seas in style since 1861. Proctor & Mercer built and sold over 30 of these majestic vessels around the world; every nation clambering to own and operate their own fleet of luxury cruise liners. One of the main selling points is the advanced technological design, and claimed robustness of the ship's hull.

However, the outbreak of world war saw many of the Olympic Liners refitted to fulfil a new role, that of a troop carrier. With its sleek lines and pioneering keel design, the Olympic Class Troop Transport cuts through the water at high speed, allowing it to efficiently deliver thousands of troops to war zones around the globe. It is not uncommon to see these giants of the sea being escorted by both a naval vanguard and fleet of aerial support craft en route to war.

I particularly like the line about the 'claimed robustness of the ship's hull'. You may notice some similarity to another ship which has been in the news recently. If you didn't make the connection here's a picture hint for you.

Leo & Kate's favourite ship.


  1. Heh.. nice.. but does this mean that infantry units are not too far behind it then for the land aspect of Dystopian Wars?

    1. Not sure. But at 1/1200 scale you're going to be hardly able to see them.


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