Sunday, 3 June 2012

Quick Review: Forged in Battle - Sd Kfz 10/4

I needed some AAA for my DaK force so I bought a pack of the Forged in Battle Sd Kfz 10/4 2cm Flak guns. They come three to a pack for £15 before discounts. The contents of the pack can be seen below.

You get three resin tractor bodies, 3 metal aprons, the gun with a separate barrel and integral gunner, three gunners with a range finder, three officers and four drivers, three wearing helmets and one wearing a cap. The resin bodies had no chips or flash and the detail is quite good. The metal aprons glue into a recess on the truck bodies and have slight variations of stowage/spent ammo.

The figures are nicely modeled with good detail but the separate crew figures have 'pegs' moulded on the bottom of their boots but there are no holes moulded into the truck into which you can to fit them. So you either have to drill holes into the resin, which would worry me in case it chipped or fractured, or cut off the pegs and try and glue them in place. This is the option I took but I had a lot of difficulty getting a good enough contact area and the figures were easily dislodged. I will probably just leave off the extra crew. I can sort of understand why they didn't mould in holes as it allows you to position the gun facing in whatever direction you like. But if that is the reason I would have liked to have a base on the crew figures to give a decent contact area.

They only other quibble I have with them are the gun barrels. Although I'm sure they are to scale they are thin and look like they will easily break if you're not careful handling them. I intend to model mine pointing forward to give the barrels extra protection.

Side view of the resin bodies

So what do I think of them? Overall they're ok, detail is good and price wise they're not expensive for three resin/metal miniatures. I'd give them 6/10, you could go with Battlefront but the cost would be 50% higher and with that price differential I'd rather buy these


  1. I like them. Plenty of good 15mm companies around now. No reason to not go with what ya like or works for you. I look forward to seeing them painted !

  2. Must admit I am not a huge fan of cast bases on vehicles...

    1. Me neither but they're not too obtrusive on these models.


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