Sunday, 24 June 2012

FoW: MDF Terrain Quick Update

My posts on the MDF buildings from Commission Figurines have generated a lot of comments and a question about shipping overseas. So I passed the comments on to Walt from Commission Figurines and here is the information I got back.

First up was the issue of shipping overseas. This is what Walt had to say.

"We're having a bit of a dilemma about P&P. We were going to do it on weight like Timecast but our Paypal shopping cart is only basic and can't do it! Alternatively, we thought about doing it by building, but of course if customers want separate parts or bases, etc. that doesn't work. Then there is as a percentage of the cost which will probably be the way we go. Give me a couple of days and we will thrash out our policy."

Good to find a supplier who responds to the needs of their customer base.

On the question of offsetting the buildings to reduce lines of sight and fire, Walt pointed out that the roads can be positioned to allow this, so you can stagger the buildings rather than having the fixed grid. They have also developed extension pavements and roads to allow walls to be put together to make 400mm or 600mm lengths and so on. There are also inside corner pieces as well to allow 'L' shaped building configurations!

Walt also had some news about new products in the pipeline mentioning that they have developed a plaza/town square which will make a nice centrepiece to any urban layout.

I'll be looking to get at least some of my buildings painted up this week so look for a post on how the process went in a few days.

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