Monday, 25 June 2012

Even More Terrain

The last of my terrain purchases arrived this weekend. This time it was a resin bridge and two hills from Terrain Warehouse. I've needed some hills for a while but even though prices are reasonable it always seemed that the postage cost was way too high. But this wasn't the case with Terrain Warehouse. The two hills plus the bridge and including postage came to £16.68 which I thought was reasonable. That price does include a 15% discount for being a member of a recognised wargames club.

I was a little worried about the flock on the hills as it looked a little dark on the website but I'm quite pleased with how they look now they've arrived. I also wasn't certain if the bridge would be wide enough for tanks to cross but as you can see from the picture below tanks fit on the bridge fine.

Triangular hill

Small hill

Resin bridge

The hills come pre-painted and flocked but you can buy them without flocking if you prefer. They also offer a desert finish if you don't want green. I give them 7/10, they're not brilliant but they do the job and I'd buy more if I needed them.

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