Wednesday, 6 June 2012

More Previews from Hawk Wargames

Hawk Wargames continue to tease us with more pictures of their models. However the release date is still 23rd of July. I'm not sure building up all this hype starting at Salute when the release date is so far away is such a good thing. Wargamers are not noted for the patience, they want what they want now, not in a few months time. I'm not sure why all this delay. They obviously have all the models done. Even if their rules aren't ready people will still buy the models anyway. Either to use with existing systems or to have painted models ready when the rules come out.

Anyway on with the pictures: 

Shaltari Firstborns - Formidable opponents in close combat!

Scourge Razorworms - Alien hosts, captive bred
for their awesome killing power.

PHR Zeus command walker - equipped with
comms dish and advanced shield generator

UCM Kodiak Command Vehicle - This can call in
tactical orbital strikes, so it isn't as harmless as it looks!
The elite PHR Siren Corps operatives -
unmatched in agility, poise and deadly grace.
The Praetorians - UCM special forces.
If you need a building cleared, look no further!
They do look nice and the blurb you get with each picture hints at how the game might play. I just wish they'd get on with it and release the stuff already!

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