Wednesday, 30 May 2012

100 Posts

It seems de rigueur for blogs to post when they reach milestones so here goes. This is my 100th post on FFF.

I started on the 6th March so that's 100 posts in 84 days, not too shabby. A few other stats, I've had 4,632 visits with an average of 2.92 pages viewed per visit. The total number of page views is 13,521 so about 161 page views per day on average. The average visitor spends 1 min 18 secs on the site and I have 34 followers.

So is any of this important? Well no, not really as I'm just doing this for fun. Sure it's nice to be noticed and at first you do obsess about how many visitors you're getting. I used to check Google Analytics a ridiculous number of times a day and was stupidly happy when my visits number had gone up by one! Now I'm sort of settling into it and just enjoying being part of the blogging community. And it is a community. We check out each others blogs, post encouragement, steal good ideas and appreciate the hard work the other person has put in to produce some of their posts.

Have I learned anything from producing this blog? Yes I have, updating every day is a stupid thing to do! Sometimes trying to find a topic worth posting about is a nightmare and it feels more like a job than a hobby. But I've managed it so far.

The other thing I've come to understand is how much work goes into writing a blog. Before I started on this I'd read through various blogs and not give a moments thought to the amount of effort the blogger had made in producing the post. Now I can appreciate the time and effort they've put into creating a post purely for the benefit of others. That's right, apart from the ego boost (which is nice), bloggers are producing material for the benefit of others, we don't get paid. So when you visit a blog you like every now and then pop a 'Nice post' or 'Interesting, thanks for posting' in the comments below the post. After all everyone likes to feel appreciated.

Ok, enough about me. Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, when I will be posting about... well I'm not exactly sure yet but I'm sure I'll think of something :-)


  1. Congratulations Ferb.

    I know my 100th post was a big deal for me. It was the first target I set myself, and hitting it felt pretty darn good. So well done.


  2. Completely agree on the whole thought process of blogging.. never thought 2 asses about it before I started to try to do it daily ( at least during the week! ).. and it can be tiring to come up with topics daily, but I think its worth it. Has brought some structure to me also, although slightly ;)

    Hope the next 100 goes as smoothly as the first!

  3. Congrats Ferb!

    You're right about it the amount of "behind the scenes" work that goes into posting. Also about whether it is worth posting daily - i frequently skip days if there is nothing worth posting.

    Keep it up, I've been enjoying your blog :)

  4. Congrats on 100 posts! Here's to 100 more :)

    Changing WWPD from a personal blog to more of a community resource has made me really appreciate the time and effort that goes into writing blogs! Especially people who produce consistent, quality content all on their own! Like you, Craig Baxter, Antoli, etc. Hell, I'm proud that we hit 1/post a day and we have 4 or 5 people contributing to WWPD (though dirty Jon and I still do the majority).

    Anyhow, glad to have you in the community, keep on keepin' on!

  5. Thamks for the kind words all.


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