Saturday, 12 May 2012

Mechwarrior Online Video Previews

I love Mech style games. I've played the Battletech board game, all the video games and I even played MPBT: Solaris (Multiplayer Battletech) back when it was run by Kesmai on AOL. Ahh the memories, I loved MPBT even though the graphics sucked it was a great game with a great community.

Ahh! Nostalgia

So I was really pleased when I heard that there was going to be a new online mech game, Mechwarrior Online. I've been watching this with interest for some time now hoping it was going to be a good game. Now they've released these videos in conjunction with IGN and the game does look good. From what I can gather it's going to be a bit like World of Tanks, which is no bad thing, but I may be completely wrong. Anyway here's the videos:

Fingers crossed this turns out to be a great game.

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