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Wyvernia Campaign: Aipotu

This is the second of the bio's for our club campaign. This one has been submitted by Chaz who will be the 'Hermit at Mink Hollow' the ruler of Aipotu. Chaz provided more details for me to work with but I have embellished and interpreted what he has written a little bit.

Aipotu (From the Wyvernopedia, 3rd edition)

Aipotu is an old land steeped in symbolism and mystery. The current ruler of the country is Chaz the 79th of the family N'Daive the self-styled 'Hermit at Mink Hollow'. The Hermit, as he insists on being called, has ruled for 25 years. He spends the majority of his time considering spiritual matters heavily aided by various hallucinogens.

The prestige of the country suffered a severe below with the loss of their coastal province of Chine to the Lord of Sealand. The Hermit's slow response to the invasion and subsequent declaration that it was the Fate's will that they lose the province did not go down well with the wealthy elite many of whom lost valuable lands in the invasion. The military were also frustrated that they were not allowed to retake the province of Chine.

Since the invasion much has changed within Aipotu. The Hermit has declared that the citizens now wear formalised costumes supposedly signifying their allegiance to one of the Seven Rays or Four Foundations (see below). He also set up the Council of Eleven to look after the day to day running of the country to allow him more time to commune with the Spirits and the Gods.

The Council of Eleven was supposed to be made up of four people chosen by the Merchant class representing the Four Foundations of Aipotu and by seven citizens elected by the populace to represent each of the Seven Rays. But this is a sham. The merchants are represented by the four most powerful merchant houses and the seven citizens are always high ranking officers in the military. Too many vested interests were outraged by the invasion of Chine and the Hermit's subsequent inaction that they co-opted the Council for their own ends. The costumes worn by all citizens have also been subverted by the Council of Eleven into quasi-military uniforms each representing a different role in the military. One day a week is supposed to be devoted to contemplation of the citizen's chosen allegiance but is in fact devoted to military training.

The politics may seem to an outsider to be based on the power of the collective but in reality this is a quasi-fascist regime aimed at restoring Aipotu's power and prestige.

There is no doubt though that there are strong spiritual foundations within Aipotu that provide the values and guidance to which this society adheres. These values, as they have always done, come from the annual pronouncements given by the ruling family, the N'Daives. Despite his ineffectual rule the 'Hermit' is loved and respected by his people making any kind of coup impossible

The national symbol of Aipotu is a pyramid with seven rays of light emanating from its apex. The Four Foundations are based on the 4 corner stones of the pyramid. These corner stones are called :- Price of Victory, Pillar of Virtue, Point of View and Persistence of Vision

The 'Hermit at Mink Hollow' has consumed so many drugs he now apparently considers himself to be a master balladeer as well as an axe wielding god. He does however have his lucid moments and he is not averse to embracing new technologies for the benefit of his country. He believes he has led his people back to the way though initiation into the mysteries of the Seven Rays of Ra and through his compassion and insight he will lead his people forward and all dissenters will enter oblivion. As he is often heard to say 'There is only one victory and we are on our way'. There are those that think that the Hermit is actually aware of the militarisation of Aipotu and that his seeming madness and occupation with spiritual matters merely a front to lull the Council into a state of false security before he uses what they have done to launch the forced conversion of all of Wyvernia to the worship of the Foundations and the Rays.

Below are the words of the Chant of the Rays which must be performed daily at the setting of the sun by all citizens of Aipotu.

"Take one beam of light
Prism acquire
Break the white light down
Seven rays appear

One - red, the ruler seeking freedom
Two - gold, the father seeking unity
Three - orange, the thinker seeking understanding
Four - yellow, the poet seeking harmony
Five - green, the scientist seeking truth
Six - blue, the disciple seeking goodness
Seven - indigo, the artist seeking beauty

This may sound like a bunch of trumped up words
But we keep no secrets today
The only hope for you is in your brothers, my friend
All you need is just six more rays

All we need is the seven rays"

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