Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Wyvernia Campaign: Trimapotamia

The last of the Wessex Wyverns members, Luke, has now supplied his country's background for our Wyvernia Campaign, Trimapotamia.

The Most Marvellous Memoirs of His Excellency the High Lord Lukas Alexander as recorded for the benefit of posterity.

There is no nation so great as Trimapotamia in all the world! Never before has there been a state of such glorious power and technological achievement and all of this is owed to my own brilliance! Without High Lord Lukas and his staggering genius, his charismatic leadership, his economic acumen, (not to mention his handsome good looks and enormous sense of modesty) then Trimopotamia would not be this colossus that bestrides the globe!

It is thanks to his technological genius that the revolutionary steampunk engine was first constructed. Who else but High Lord Lukas could have conceived of an engine that provides almost limitless renewable power from the boiling of spiky-haired punk-rockers? It is this wondrous discovery that has allowed Trimapotamia to dominate the world’s energy market and build such wonders as the great wall of Trim, Mount Trimore and of course the Colossus of Trim. While many bemoan the loss of life that was necessary in constructing these monuments, the sacrifice of those brave souls will be remembered by posterity.

The people of Trimpotamia are happy in knowing that they are lead by such a glorious example of humanity, as can clearly be seen by his 186 consecutive re-elections. Admittedly there are a few malcontents who insist that High Lord Lukas is some kind of dictator, and who say that he has become self-obsessed and egotistical.

There are even some that suggest that Lord Lukas’s habit of referring to himself in the third person suggests some kind of megalomania, High Lord Lukas will not Stand for this!

You know sometimes I worry about the mental state of wargamers. Then I get something like this and I know we're all fine.

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