Monday, 28 May 2012

Wargaming Addiction Update 3

Back in March I did a post about being a wargameaholic. In the post I said I was going to keep track of my spending on a spreadsheet to try and control my addiction.

So how's it gone? Well in the 65 days since I started keeping track I've spent £358.58 on wargaming related purchases. That's more than I would have liked but if you break it down to amount spent per day, £5.52, it doesn't sound too bad, sort of :-)

So what I have bought? Bear in mind that my plan for this year was to not buy any new rules/game systems the breakdown is as follows:

  • Three rule books. So much for no new systems, but I did sell my Saga rules so it's only really 2 new systems.
  • Four new armies. Two FoW, one of which is even painted, and two 10mm WSS armies for use with Maurice.
  • A whole bunch of terrain. Roads, rivers, buildings (10mm & 15mm), bunkers etc. Having sold all my stuff years ago when I quit gaming I've had to replace all my terrain so this is completely justifiable right.
  • Miscellaneous. Stuff like dice, templates, bases, paint and decals. Like the terrain most of this is necessary and will last me years without needing to be replaced. I mean it's not like I'm going to throw out my dice because they are crap and buy new ones every few months. I mean what sort of crazy person would do that!
I can't possibly find anything else I'd need to buy this year so my next update will show no more purchases. Except for replacement consumables like paint of course. Ohh and I still need some hills and Pendraken are putting up their prices later this year so I'll need to buy a couple of their ACW army packs before they do to save money, and Zvezda are bring out a load of new 15mm tanks I'll have to grab. But that's it, although Bushido does look interesting.....


  1. Heh.. I think everything above is completely justifiable there.. just spent 200+ GBP on hobby related things recently, and I don't see it slowing down either. Just that time of year before price hikes, to give us gamers a bit more "incentive" to crack open the wallets and go from there.

  2. I think you are out of control and need treatment......radical treatment. First bubble wrap and box all your wargames stuff and post to my address !!! guarenteed to cure you of your addiction,,,,,. I however am prepared to carry the burdan of your addiction. No thanks required, but the sooner you start the sooner you'll be cured.... ;)

    1. You're too kind, but I couldn't possibly risk infecting you with my addiction :-)


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