Thursday, 24 May 2012

Quick Review: Zvezda Sturmovik IL-2

I wanted some air support for my Russian tank force so I bought a Zvezda Sturmovik IL-2 from the Plastic Soldier Company. As usual there's a nice painting of the model on the front of the box.

The back of the box shows pictures of the assembled model and also on the right hand side the length of the assembled model. In this case it's 8 cm which at 1/144 is just about the correct length of the real thing.

The contents of the box are shown below. There are two sprues containing the parts making up the model and it's flight stand, a sheet of decals, a blurb about Age of Tactic the Russian game the models are designed for and the stat card for the model to be used in the game.

The model went together easily but there's a couple of things to bear in mind while you assemble the model. Firstly there's lot's of thin aerials and guns etc sticking out from the wings and fuselage. You are going to break these off, they are so thin that they'll get bent as you manoeuvre the model while you're assembling it. Secondly some parts only go in one way round so test fit before you glue or read the instructions (yeah like you're going to do that!). You also get the option to model the plane with the undercarriage up or down. So make sure you sort out the correct parts before you start glueing. I went with undercarriage down to help protect the propeller when the model is packed away

Plan view of the assembled model

Side shot, sorry about the poor picture

I like the model, it went together fairly quickly and should look much better once its painted up and has the decals on it. It went together much easier than the Zvezda Stuka I built (if you want a review of the Zvezda Stuka Anatoli did one on his blog here). Overall I'd give it 8/10 easy to assemble but not a lot of detail on it however they do include the decals and at £2.99 you can't go wrong.

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