Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hawk Wargames - Dropzone Commander

DropZone Commander has been generating a lot of buzz since people first saw their models at Salute, even though you won't be able to buy the models until 16th July. As you'll be able to see from the pictures below the models do look fantastic, but I doubt very much most gamers will be able to produce painted models of the quality shown in the pictures. I'm assuming there's a ruleset to go with the minis although I've seen nothing about it yet.

The only thing about them which I find a little strange is their decision to go with a 10mm scale. I would have thought with all the 15mm sci-fi stuff available they would sell more to people who wanted to add models to their existing forces. I suppose cost of manufacture may be a factor (as yet I have seen no pricing on their stuff) and it may be they just don't want to compete with an established 15mm market.

If the models are as good in the flesh as they look in the pictures I may pick some up to use for Gruntz. I can't see me buying another set of sci-fi rules just for these models though. Anyway enjoy the eye candy and if you want to see more check out their Facebook page.

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