Monday, 14 May 2012

Wyvernia Campaign: The Diocese Of Formosa

Another of the Wessex Wyverns members, Phil, has now supplied his country's background for our Wyvernia Campaign, The Diocese Of Formosa.

The Diocese Of Formosa is a quasi-religious state ruled over by Confederators elected from the seven major Theologian Guilds - War, Health, Faith, Truth, Trade, Citizenry and Tilth. The Confederation governs for seven years before the guilds individually elect new Confederators. The outgoing Confederation then selects a Unioner to lead the new Confederation.

The current ruler, Unioner Alberforce Fit, is a former Theologian of the Citizenry Guild. By nature they are the most patriotic of the gulilds, eternally extolling the virtues of the Formosan home, providing guidance and support in the community and advocating the staunch defense (both militarily and diplomatically) of all things Formosan including her soil.

The roles of some guilds are self evident, like the War Guild which sees to the country's not insignificant, but largely volunteer, armed forces and the immensly influential Trade Guild. Others have more complex roles to play. The Truth Guilders consider scientific thought and the legal process amongst their many responsibilities. The Health Guild is considered the most beneficial by all members of society as they look to the welfare of all, from the common man to guild leaders. Faith Guilders provide care for the souls of the citizens and guide them through the many observed religious festivals and practices demanded by the Formosan deity Bakelitian.

The last but by far the largest guild, Tilth, looks to the needs of the peoples diets and daily lives. Regulating industrial production and agriculture.

Overall this sophisticated society fits into the lands of Formosa quite well with natural mountain ranges and island provinces keeping the guilds seperate from each other. The capital, Cathedral City, covers the entire island of Riscraven and houses the formidable Confederat Foundation Building where the Unioner and Confederators oversee matters of state.

Only one more background to come and then I'll post up the map and starting campaign situation.

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