Monday, 4 June 2012

Quick review: PSC Pz IV

I'm still working on assembling the tanks for my DAK force. I'm doing the 15th Panzer Division which is a mix of Pz II's, III's and IV's. For the Pz II's I'm using Zvezda models which I reviewed a while ago. But for the PZ III's and IV's I'm using the Plastic Soldier Company models. This is a quick look at the PSC Pz IV's.

The models come five to a box for £17.50 before discounts. Each sprue allows you to build either an F1 or F2/G or H model Pz IV. The sprue can be seen in the picture below.

The mouldings are crisp and clean with no flash. Although there are quite a large number of pieces to make each model they go together easily. There are no gaps that need filling or parts that need filing to make them fit. As can be seen from the pictures below.

You do get a piece of track and a couple of jerry cans to customise each model but there is no extra stowage to help give your models variety. There are also two different commander figures you can use to denote your CiC or platoons leaders.

So what do I think about them? Well I like these kits. They go together easily and have a nice amount of extra detail pre-moulded onto the hull. Also the model options you're given provide you with long and short barrel options as well as the option to add spaced armour. Which should cover all the options you'd need.

Overall I give them 9/10, I'd have given them 10/10 if the assembly instructions were a bit clearer.

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