Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Painting my MDF Buildings

I've made a start on assembling and painting the MDF terrain I got from Commission Figurines. I decided to spray the roads and pavements grey and then dry brush white to pick out the detail. Then I'll give them a coat of Army Painter Dark tone dip.

For the buildings I went with the interior walls sprayed brown and the exterior walls sprayed white. I'm going to pick out the exposed brick detail in red and then also coat the rear and side walls with Army Painter Dark tone dip. On the front wall of the ruined building I'm going to paint the individual store fronts different colours like the ones in the photo below. Then I'll probably give them a coat of Army Painter dip too to pick out the detail, although I'm not sure what shade dip I'll use yet.

An example of the shop fronts painted up in different colours

I haven't shown you a close up of the roads yet but as you can see they have a lot of 'cobble' detail etched into them.

Road piece.
The various pieces ready for assembly

The interior of the walls

The next stage is to glue the buildings together with PVA glue and then paint a test area to check that everything looks ok. More on that tomorrow.

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