Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Well That Didn't Go As Planned

Having assembled and glued my MDF buildings it was time to paint one up to test the colour scheme I'd chosen. I left the exterior walls white, painted the exposed brickwork red, the windows were painted brown and the door green. I was happy with how everything looked so I went ahead and brushed on my Army Painter Dark tone dip.

This is where everything went wrong. I was expecting the dip to run into the detail on the walls picking it out. But for some reason the dip wouldn't run and just stayed where it was brushed. I tried adding more dip to get it to run but this just made things darker and didn't help it run. The results can be seen below.

I'm going to try and dry brush some white or maybe a beige colour to soften the streaks to see if that helps. Thankfully it wasn't one of the big buildings. But the brickwork does look better in real life than in the photo and I'm happy with the approach I took. Maybe I need to add some thinners to the dip to get it thin enough to run smoothly.


  1. It may be because the MDF surface is porous. The piece could do with sealing before the dip is applied?

    1. I thought about that, but I figured the white primer would seal the MDF. I'm going to add some thinners and try it on another test area. If that still doesn't work I'll try a light spray of matt varnish as a sealant.

    2. You're probably better off trying a gloss coat before the dip. Mind you, it doesn't look too bad in the pictures, more like a natural grimy look.

    3. Good idea on the gloss coat & thanks for the positive spin ;-)


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