Monday 11 June 2012

FoW: MDF Terrain

On one of my many forays through the wonderful and expensive world of eBay I came across some very nice looking WW2 MDF terrain from a new company called Commission Figurines. They're producing a very nice range of central European buildings, roads and markers for use with FoW (although I guess you could use them for any 15mm game). The listings on eBay didn't give the dimensions of the models so I dropped them a email and they quickly replied with the info I'd requested and they seemed a helpful and friendly company. Here's a look at some of their products.

Being MDF they come flat packed. They also have lots of detail such as exposed brickwork, stone mouldings, battle damage etc so should paint up nicely.

But for me the really nice thing is that they come with bases that have pavement modelled in to give the buildings a more realistic look. The ruined models are £12.50 while the undamaged building is £13.50 both plus postage of course.

The building below is the one I requested dimensions for, they said the actual building is 200mm long, 100mm wide and just over 100mm tall. the pavement is 15mm wide, this makes the whole thing 230mm long by 130mm wide. 

They also produce road sections to go with your buildings but there are no listings for these on eBay yet, although they are listed on their website.

To round things off they also do FoW bases and token sets. The token sets look good value at £2.00 plus postage for 35 tokens (five of each). They are unpainted though.

I intend to buy some of the buildings and possibly the token sets when funds allow (I've just spent £45 on roads & rivers from eBay, watch for a review soon) and I'll do a proper review when they arrive.


  1. Wow, nice. Checkout Gamecraft Minis sometime for a similar setup. Not the same level of detail, but cheaper. And I suspect with the currency exchange (US$) it's probably even more so.


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