Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Yet More New Terrain: Walls

The results of my spending splurdge on terrain are continuing to arrive. Today I took delivery of a pack of 74 wall pieces that I won on eBay. I paid £13.60 inc postage for the wall set from deltic-locomotives. As you might guess from the name they sell railway accessories and this wall set, in varying pack sizes, is regularly available if you want to pick some up.

They are made from resin and come pre-painted. Although I think a better description would be pre-washed. The one's I received are much lighter in colour and although they appear to just have had a light brown wash they do look ok.

Below are some more pictures with a PSC Panther and Battlefront U.S. 105mm cannon included to give you an idea of the scale of the walls in comparison to 15mm tanks and infantry.

Each of the straight wall sections is about 2.5" long so with the corners and gate sections you get about fifteen feet of walling which works out for me at about 90p a foot which I reckon is a pretty good deal.

So what do I think of them? I like them and I'm happy with the purchase. They're a good height and can be used straight out of the box and at 90p a foot I can't go wrong, 9/10.


  1. I've been looking at these too. Thanks for the posting, I think I may just get some as they look pretty neat!

  2. You're welcome. Yeah I was worried they'd be too small but I'm pretty happy with them.

  3. What scale are these? I can never get the train scales right.

  4. Awesome, there's some up on ebay right now. Thanks Ferb!


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