Wednesday, 13 June 2012

New Releases for Malifaux

Wyrd have finally announced their new releases for June. There's five new figures, some more Terraclips (due in August) terrain and a revised rulebook (due in July).

I'm a bit underwhelmed with the figure releases to be honest. The Dreamer is nice but the rest are decidedly average.

They've also announced some new Terraclips terrain due out in August. As usual it looks great in the pictures but the reality is usually different. I was going to buy one of the last sets as it was good value. But seeing in practise I thought it was fiddly and time consuming to put together. I also hated the look of the plastic tabs used to join everything together. But I know it sold well and this set looks like it could do well with role players given it's setting.

Lastly they've announced a new rulebook due out in July which I'm not too happy about as it's probably just going to include errata and clarifications and I can do with out the expense of replacing my current rulebook.

I don't play much Malifaux these days for some reason and I don't think these announcements are going to anything to change that in the near future.

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