Saturday, 9 June 2012

Dystopian Wars: New Russian Models

Although there hasn't been an official newsletter from Spartan Games about the planned release of the new Russian models there have been plenty of pictures floating round the 'net. I must say the models do look interesting but I'm going to reserve judgement until I see the stats for the various models.

Anyway on with the pictures.

The Myshkin Bombers look interesting, nothing at all like any of the other nations and the recovery vehicles are new. At least I've not noticed them for any of the other countries but then I've not paid much attention to the land forces. Overall I like the look of the models. They seem like a bit of a cross between Kingdom of Britannia and the Covenant of Antarctica but all having a central sphere/circle. Likely release date seems to be some time in July.


  1. The round ships sold them to me :)

    1. Yeah they do have a fun look to them and historically accurate to some extent.


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