Monday, 2 April 2012

Bits & Pieces

I spent Sunday finishing off various bits & pieces to clear space for my FoW Panzerkampfgruppe. First up was basing the 10mm Napoleonics I'd painted up on Saturday.

Austrian Grenadiers
Next I decided to build up some more papercraft terrain I'd had printed out for a while. This time from a cross-piece ruins set. As with other papercraft terrain you get lots of textures and layouts. The two shown below are the red brick ruined walls. They were easy and quick to assemble. Just cut them out roughly, fold them in half and glue, and then neatly cut round the outside and you're done. As they slot together you can pack them flat and easily carry loads of terrain.

I also did some work on the ruined buildings I'd built previously.

I felt they were a bit stark so I decided to add bases and some scatter to represent rubble and weeds and I'm fairly happy with the results.

So with these bits out of the way I can finish off my Panzerkampfgruppe so I'm ready for my game with Ben next Monday. I have the Panthers assembled and basecoated just waiting for the camo to be added. The Nebelwerfers are ready for basecoating but I'm still waiting for my PaK 40's from Maelstrom. It's been over two weeks now, I just hope they arrive in time for me to paint them up for the game.


  1. I have a couple of Pak 40's you are more than welcome to borrow if your stuff doesn't arrive in time. Unpainted of course as they are mine and I've only had them for about a year!


    1. Thanks I may take you up on that.


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