Tuesday, 6 March 2012

On the painting table

I have my first game of Warmachine arranged for next monday so I need to finish off painting my Khador force. I played Hordes about a year ago and had Trollbloods but just didn't enjoy it. It always seemed that whatever I tried to do my opponent had a cool counter to it & then, when they had their turn, their force destroyed mine while all I could do was sit back and watch. Not fun!
So why I am I coming back for more? Well I'm a sucker for a good deal & when I saw the 2-Player Battle Box, which is already a good deal, on sale with a 20% discount I couldn't resist. My thinking was if I didn't enjoy it I could always sell the parts on eBay and get my money back.
The current plan is to keep the Khador & the rulebook & sell the Menoth stuff. Hopefully that will mean that the Khador force & rules will only have cost me about £20, a bargain!
I'm a lazy painter so use the quickest method I can think of to get my painting done. So I always prime my models using the Army Painter coloured spray primers. The picture below shows the assembled & primed Man-o-War Shocktroopers.

The next step is to paint the other colours as shown below with the Shocktrooper & Juggernaut.

The last step is to use the Army Painter dip. I used the Strong shade on the destroyer shown below. I'm not as happy with the Strong shade as I am with the others. It seems less viscous and imparts more of an overall stain whereas the others leave more of the underlying colour as it was. Anyway its done now so the rest will have to be done the same to match.

All thats left to be done is the base and to give it a spray of matt varnish. I'll post some pictures of the finished models later this week.


  1. Looking good!

    But it has reminded me I need to get on and paint my Khador!

  2. Nice looking stuff Pete, didnt know you played WARMACHINE!

  3. I don't or rather didn't! I'm having my first game against Paul at the club tomorrow night.


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