Tuesday, 6 March 2012

First FoW game in ages.

Had my first FoW game in ages last night. It was also my first game using the v3 rulebook. It was 1500pts, my Late War US Rifle company vs Adam's (DrCox) Paras. The scenario was Hold the Line & as Adam's force is just infantry & artillery, while I had Sherman & M10 support, we decided that it would be sensible for him to be the defender.
My P-47's attacked (as they managed to do every turn) but did nothing. My recon jeeps advanced & tried to kill his artillery observers but concealed, gone to ground & prepared positions made it impossible to do any damage. My artillery failed to ranged in (which seemed to be the case every turn) but my mortars managed to hit but did no damage. To cut a long and sad story short my 2 M10's advanced on his positions on my right flank while the 3 Shermans did the same on my left flank. His para's bailed one of the M10's with a Piat & then killed the other with an assault, goodbye M10's. My Shermans & HMGs did some damage to his paras but nothing significant, my P-47's, mortars & artillery were largely ineffectual & my recon jeeps got waxed. This allowed Adam to bring out his 17pdrs from ambush and they proceeded to bail one Sherman & kill another, failed the morale test so goodbye Shermans. A vain attempt to get my 2 infantry platoons into combat saw one get wiped out by assaulting paras and the other dying to concerted mortar & artillery fire. My P-47s had killed 3 of the 17pdrs in revenge but too little to late. When I lost my HMG teams to artillery fire as they tried to get into action it was game over.
All in all a disaster for the Yanks :-) my poor tactics & inexperience showed, although the terrain layout didn't help. Plus Adam didn't put a foot wrong all night & completely outplayed me. Well played Sir! Hopefully I'll get a rematch soon.

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