Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Monday's Basic Impetus Games

Monday night at Wessex Wyverns saw a return to Basic Impetus. I was playing Steve, an experienced ancients player but using FoG:Ancients, so this was his first time with Basic Impetus. I had brought down a few armies to choose from & Syeve picked Warring States Chinese & I went with Arab Conquest.

Wei (Warring States) (VDT=14/7)

1CGP(*)8643Heavy Chariots – Various Weapons
2CL12301Light Cavalry – Composite Bow B
2FP5522Heavy Infantry
3T6301Crossbow B

Arab Conquest (VDT=21/11) 
1T6302Short Bow A
2S8201Short Bow B

After a quick explanation of the basics we got started. I got so caught up in explaining things to Steve that I forgot all about taking pictures, again.
Anyway on to the battle. I was the defender and set up 3 hills, two of which were in my deployment area. Steve then moved one of those into his deployment area and I then deployed my troops. Nothing fancy for me, just a line of spear with skirmishers in front, archers on the left flank & LH on the right. Steve deployed his crossbows on his right then the HI & chariot and on his left flank he had his cavalry & LH. I did a general advance with all my figures the skirmishers shot but did no damage. Steve also did a general advance his LH shot but did no damage & his crossbows were out of range. I decided to see if I could get rid of one of his LH and charged my jav armed into contact with his bow armed LH.
At this point I should have packed up my stuff and gone home. I rolled badly Steve didn't, and my LH were gone. You see I did something I always try to avoid. I loaned Steve some of my dice. Whenever I do this they always roll really well for my opponent, much better than they ever do for me. And so it proved for the rest of the night I couldn't get a hit and Steve was rolling 3 or 4 hits each time. He spent most of the night apologising for his dice rolling!
Anyway back to the battle. My advance continued and my shooting did nothing. I turned a Spearman to protect my right flank. Then Steve fired his crossbows and started doing serious damage to my left flank. To cut a long story short his crossbows soon wiped out my left flank and his cavalry finished off my right. Game over.

Game two saw me use the Chinese and Steve took my Samurai.

Early Samurai  (VDT=15/8) 
3CM(*)10633Mounted Samurai
1T6301Ashigaru with Bow – Composite Bow A
1FL8422Angry Peasants

I was the defender again and set up first with the cavalry & crossbowmen on my left, the chariot & HI in the middle and the LH on my right. He set up his Ashigaru on his right and massed his cavalry on his left.
I went first and left my X-bow where they were and started to redploy the cavalry to support my right. The chariot & HI advanced to get the attention of the cavalry while my LH swept round his flank. All Steve's forces advanced. Next turn I managed to do some damage to his endmost cavalry with the LH as they continued to sweep round to his rear. My chariot manoevered to intercept his cavalry. His general advance continued and his cavalry charged home on my chariot & one of the HI. Again the dice went his way causing heavy casualties to the chariot and forcing it back. The other melee was a stalemate. The position is shown below, with proof of his excellent dice rolling! (6's & double 5's are all hits).

Never, ever let your opponent borrow your dice!
Both of us encountered a spell of bad dice rolling and melees continued with no outcome. The ashigaru charged my cavalry but entually were defeated. The other ashigaru attacked the x-bows and prevailled after more epic dice rolling (needed to roll a 1 on two occasions to avoid breaking and achieved both). Steve's cavalry entually got round to the rear of the HI seeing them lost. My LH shot the Angry Peasants to pieces in the middle but the game was lost.
Steve enjoyed the games but found them a bit brutal (thats what happens with epic dice rolling!). But said he'd play again but would like to try the full rules next time.

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