Saturday, 24 March 2012

FoW: Hasty Attack

Took another trip down to Christchurch Crusaders on Thursday to play FoW with Alex. We didn't have a lot of time so we went with 1000pt forces. I took my US Rifle Co. (Italy) & Alex went German with a Fortress Company. I fielded the following:
2 Rifle Platoons
Mortar Plt
105mm Cannon Plt
Tank Plt of 3 Shermans
Priority Air Support

Alex had
3 Inf Plt with attached ATG's
2 Mortar Plt
Tank Destroyer Plt of 3 Jagdpanzer IV's

We rolled for scenario & got Hasty Attack with me as defender. Alex deployed three infantry platoons in a line across the table. While I went with my cannon plt and the Shermans. The rest of our forces were in reserve.

The club was very busy and we got relegated to the table in the kitchen area.
(Sorry about the poor picture quality, lighting in there is awful)
If your eyesight is good you can see our initial deployment above. Alex moved first and was successful with his roll for reserves, bringing on a mortar plt on his left. The rest of his forces did a general advance, keeping  well spread out against artillery & air attack. On my turn the P-47's dove in on the mortars on Alex's left flank but did no damage. My artillery fired on his centre infantry pinning them. As I had delayed & scattered reserves I had to wait till turn 3 to roll for them.

Close up of the objectives and my forces.
Turn 2 saw Alex succeed again in rolling for reserves and he brought on his JagdPanzers. These he placed near his right flank. The rest of his troops continued their advance. On my turn to P-47's arrived again destroying one of the newly arrived JagdPanzers. My artillery continued firing at the centre platoon pinning them again.

Alex's centre with the now depleted JagdPanzers

Turn 3 saw Alex get the last of his reserves, the mortar plt, which he placed on his right flank. One of the JagdPanzers fired on my Shermans but missed. The infantry continued their advance.
I could now roll for reserves and got lucky bringing on one of my infantry platoons which I brought on near the houses on my right flank. Most of the houses were occupied by Alex's infantry and he had an ATG preparing to fire on the Shermans next turn. But luckily my newly arrived platoon killed the crew with rifle fire. The rest of the platoon occupied those empty houses that they could reach and enter. My P-47's arrived again and killed one of the right flank mortars while my artillery tried to damage the ATG and infantry in the wood to my left flank. But to no avail. My Shermans did have some success bailing one of the panzers but Alex passed the morale check.

My right flank just after the destruction of the enemy ATG.

Turn 4 saw Alex get his right flank ATG in a position to shoot at the Shermans. The JagdPanzers remounted successfully and shot again at the Shermans bailing one. His ATG then brewed up the bailed out Sherman. His left flank infantry raked my recently arrived infantry with MG and MG42 fire from the houses killing one base and pinning the unit. On my turn the Shermans machine gunned some of the approaching infantry killing one base. But my artillery fire was ineffectual.
Turn 5 saw Alex attack my left flank killing my artillery observer and moving his infantry into a position to threaten my guns. The panzer's fire bailed another Sherman but I passed the morale check. And on my right flank Alex's infantry continued their exchange of fire with my infantry but doing no damage. In my turn I remounted the Sherman but the fire from all my units was ineefective. The game had to end their as time ran out and we had to pack up.
Not a good scenario for two infantry heavy forces. Slow movement meant the result was always going to be inconclusive. But another fun game with V3 and I learnt more about the rules.
Here are a few more shots of the other games that were taking place at the club.

Early stages of a Beastman vs Skaven Warhammer game.

Covenant vs U.S. Dystopian Wars starter box game.
Another Warhammer game.
Phil & his brother with their Saga match-up

A 70pt!! Khador vs Circle game

The third Warhammer game of the night. This one a three sided game.


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