Sunday, 25 March 2012

Plastic Soldier Company German Infantry

I got a box of the Late War German Infantry from Graham of Simple Miniature Games on Thursday night. So I thought I do a quick review.

The box itself has a clear plastic window on the back so you can see the models without having to open the box (which I imagine is a boon for retailers). It also has the usual painting guide.

The box itself contains 10 junior officers/NCO's, 90 grenadiers & 15 lmg teams. They are moulded in grey plastic and come on five identical sprues.

Mine had no flash anywhere and the mould lines are minimal. Certainly less than on most metal miniatures. The casting is crisp & clean, again better than a lot of metal miniatures. On each sprue you get 26 figures, the breakdown as  follows:

3 standing firing
1 kneeling firing
2 kneeling pointing w left arm
2 standing throwing grenades
3 advancing weapon low
2 walking carrying ammo boxes
13 multi-part figures that need assembling (includes lmg, radio op, & inf with various weapons)

It's these multi-part figures that I don't like. You can see the poses you get in the picture below of the assembly sheet.

I assume that they are done this way because of casting issues. But the contact areas are tiny. I don't see why I need to glue the heads on two prone figures for example. I guess you get more variety in poses. But I'd rather have less variety in poses to get one piece mouldings than have to fiddle around trying to glue one tiny piece to another tiny piece.
Anyway what do I think of them. First off they are great value for money. Quality of moulding is great but having to assemble some is a pain. Overall 8/10 I would buy more if I needed them.

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