Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Platoon sizes & my new force choice

The consensus from my post on the WWPD forums about platoon size seems to be more than 3 & less than 10 but factors such as points cost & toughness of the unit are a factor. So it seems there isn't a magic size for units so I'm not missing a trick with how I'd organised my forces.

As I'd decided to build an all tank force to help me learn the game. I needed to decide on what force to pick. I'd wanted to do EW but no one really plays EW around here (hopefully this will change once Barbarossa comes out later this year). So I'd looked at forces that covered EW & MW. For some reason the Czech Pz 38t had always appealed to me & as I could buy them cheaply from The Plastic Soldier Compnay a Pz 38t based force appealed to me. The only drawbacks were the cost, about £60, and the fact that they may struggle as a tank only force in MW games with their poor gun & armour. So I next looked at a tank company using Pz III's & II's. This would be cheaper & could still use the PSC kits & be tougher. But, although I like the look of the Pz III's, it felt a bit generic. I was going to go with this option until I spotted the MW/LW Panther companies on EasyArmy. All I would need would be 8 Panthers for a 1500pt force & this would only cost me about £24! Plus I could easily use the Panthers in various other companies as I expand my force to include the more complex elements suchs as recon & artillery.
I've ordered the Panthers and should have them next Monday. With luck I'll have them painted and ready to go for a game at Christchurch Crusaders next Thursday. Watch this space..

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