Sunday, 19 May 2013

By Fire & Sword: Swedish Skirmish set update

I posted a couple of weeks ago about the casting issues I had with the Swedish Skirmish set and then about how had got in touch and were going to send me a replacement set. Well now the replacement set has arrived and the quality of the castings is great and there's none of the problems I had with the original set. It did take almost two weeks to arrive and I was getting a little worried but out of the blue they e-mailed me to see if it had arrived yet which I thought was good customer service and anyway it arrived the next morning. Overall I'm happy and will be buying more figures from them, probably a Cossack skirmish set but I'm going to wait for the rules to come out to make sure I like them before investing more heavily.


  1. Happy to hear it all ended well Ferb :-)
    I was curious about the situation since I saw it on TMP.

    1. Good customer service :-)

    2. Good to see this was made good on. I just purchased these based on a buddy's rave reviews.

    3. It's a great system, hope you enjoy it.


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