Thursday, 23 May 2013

I get lucky with Wargaming Girl!

Sorry Tamsin, but I couldn't resist! Perhaps I should clarify things. Last night she published the result of of her first prize draw and I won! Soon to be winging it's way to me is a box of Warlord's 28mm British Infantry for Bolt Action, thanks Tamsin.

The prize what I won.
This looks to be an interesting box with lots of options like Piat's, sniper rifles, smg's etc so it'll probably take me ages to decide what I want to build. I'm hoping I can make a 500 pt force out of this box but I think I'll fall short. At least I'll be able to use my Churchill with them, even though it does have Rusian markings. I'll do a review of the set when it arrives and probably at least one more on my force choices and points total.


  1. *harrumph!*

    That's two dodgy sounding post titles now that my prize draw has inspired.

    Congrats on winning and I look forward to your review :)


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