Friday, 24 May 2013

'All Quiet on the Martian Front' KickStarter

I'm starting to hate KickStarter. Don't get me wrong I think it's a great idea and you can get some great deals. But it keeps siphoning money out of my wallet. So far this year I've backed Commission Figurines and Heroes of Normandie. Now 'All Quiet on the Martian Front' is calling to me.

The game is based on H G Wells 'War of the Worlds' but set a few years after the book. I like the look of the models particularly the Martians but I was put off by the added cost of VAT and import duties as it was coming from America. But now the bastards have done a deal with Renedra to ship from the UK so no extra VAT or import duties.

The deals on offer are pretty good. I'm looking at either the Deluxe Invasion or Tank Major pledges, both are less than half the retail price. Plus you get a bunch of freebies making it even better value. They've also teased more forces so I may wait to see what they look like before pledging.

My only other concern is the rules. What's available so far seems a little simplistic but they aren't finished yet and being from Priestley and Calvatore they have decent credentials so fingers crossed they'll be ok. Sadly release date for all these goodies is Dec 2013 so a long time to wait. I'll post an update if and when I commit to a pledge.

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