Saturday 7 July 2012

New Dystopian Wars Releases

Spartan Games have announced their new releases for the Russian Coalition. They will be available from the 29th of August. The most interesting release for me is the Vorkuta Class Land Driller which burrows underground before emerging and spewing tanks.

Russian Coalition Vorkuta Class Land Driller and Tikhvin Class Small Tanks

They've also announced the Russian Coalitions emplacement the Tower as well as the Belgorod Class Land Ship and the Myshkin Class Bomber. I like the look of the bombers, they have a sort of Buck Rodgers thing going on.

Belgorod Class Land Ship, Vorkuta Class Land Driller,
Tower, Myshkin Class Bomber

The Dreadnought is interesting as all it's guns are forward facing. It looks ok but I'm not really sold on it.

Russian Coalition Moskva Class Dreadnought

Lastly we have a group shot. I get that they are keeping to the circular shape as the theme for the Russian forces but I'm not really sold on it. I'll have to check out the stat cards and see how the models compare to my EotBS fleet before I think about getting any.

Russian Coalition Suvorov Class Cruiser, Moskva Class Dreadnought,
Borodino Class Battleship, Tiny Flyer Tokens

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