Monday, 10 March 2014

Another Tempting Kickstarter!

Although I'm still busy with getting ready to sell my house I do find time to keep up with what's new in the wargaming world. It was on one of these forays that I came across this Kickstarter called 'Warbands & Legions'. It's described as 'A counter based game of massed tabletop combat from biblical times to the dark ages.'

I've always been a sucker for ancients and this looks quite interesting. The art style will probably put some people off but I quite like it. The basic game only costs £30 inc p&p and for that you get the following:

Which looks to be a pretty good deal. I'm already thinking of adding the New Kingdom Egyptians army to a pledge. I haven't actually committed to the project yet as I'd like to see more on how the rules work and more on the campaign system thats mentioned.  The other benefit is that its due for delivery in April 2014 (although 'Kickstarter' times can be variable to say the least). If I do pledge I'll let you know.

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