Sunday, 29 November 2015

Kings of War Napoleonics

Yes its a surprise post, I'm not dead after all! Just not been in the blogging mood for a while. But here's a quick post about my foray into Kings of War (KoW) in general and Napoleonics in particular.

The majority of the figure gaming I've been doing over the past year has been 'Black Powder' Napoleonics in 28mm. While the rules are okay they never really grabbed me, but we could have a game with about 13 Infantry units, 6 cavalry units and 4 guns a side and be finished in about 2.5 hours which is pretty good for a game of that size. For a change of pace we tried out the 'Soldiers of God' Crusades rules I'd got when they were on sale as it gave me a chance to give my 28mm crusades armies a run out.

Although we found these rules were awful I enjoyed playing with the armies and I suggested giving it a go using KoW with the Kingdoms of Men list.

This was great fun and we managed to get in two games in one session. Then I made the mistake of casually mentioning that I'd heard of people using the same list as the basis for Napoleonics games. Which led me to agreeing to sort out a copy of the lists so we could try them out. Of course I couldn't find these anywhere so resorted to having come up with my own version.

We've played a few games with them now, constantly tweaking and adding or removing things to improve them. But each game has been fun to play and I don't think we'll be going back to 'Black Powder'. The latest version has included my first try at a points system and has added a few special rules to add flavour to the game.

We use the 2nd edition rules as is (with the exception that we don't use the 'Disorder' rules which don't work in a Napoleonic setting) plus some extras to fit in with the Napoleonic period. If you are interested in the list it can be found here Peter's work in progress KoW Napoleonics.

As I'm enjoying KoW I splashed out on an Ogre Mega army so I can play KoW in its intended form and hopefully I can get some ex-Warhammer players to dig out their old armies for a few games (once I get them painted of course).

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