Thursday 26 June 2014

What I'd like to play in the coming months

With my move finally taking place next Monday I should be getting back to gaming next week after a break of about six months. So more for myself than anything else I've created a list of games and systems I want to play over the coming months. The most recent addition to the list is the new Sword & Spear ancients rules. They sound like they're fun to play and have some interesting ideas. So being a rules junkie I had to buy them (the fact that they're only £6 for the PDF helped).

Sword & Spear - Ancients 15 or 28mm (Have various armies, painted & unpainted)
Impetus - Ancients 15 or 28mm (Have various armies, painted & unpainted)
Dux Bellorum - 10 or 15 or 28mm (Have various painted figs I can proxy)
Ronin - Samurai Skirmish 20mm (Have both sides and painted)
Mayhem - Fantasy any scale (Have 2 10mm armies painted plus some painted 28mm)
Maurice - 18C 10 or 28mm (Have 2 10mm armies both unpainted)
Napoleon at War - Napoleonic 15mm (Have French & British painted. But short a few units)
Longstreet - ACW 10mm (Have 2 armies both unpainted)
All Quiet on the Martian Front - 15mm (Have 2 armies from the KS both unpainted)
Chain of Command - WW2 15 or 20 or 28mm (Have 20mm Germans & Brits painted. But short a few figs. Also have some painted 28mm Russians and a ton of painted 15mm FoW stuff)
Battlegroup: Fall of the Reich - 20mm WW2 (Have some Germans & Brits painted. But short a few units)
Dust Warfare/Tactics - WWW2 28mm (Have masses of US and Germans)
Deadzone - scifi skirmish 28mm (Have 4 or 5 factions all unpainted)
X-Wing - Starter box
Dropzone Commander - Scfi 10mm (Have both sides and painted)
Battletech Alpha Strike - (Have enough painted for a small game)

Android Netrunner - Boardgame
Heroes of Normandie - Boardgame
Lords of War - Card game

Don't have but would like to try:
Malifaux 2e - 28mm (Have a ton of models for various factions but not the new rules/cards)
Dux Britanniarum - 28mm (have some painted and unpainted 28mm figs I can use)
Full Thrust - Space combat
Wild West skirmish of some sort not sure on the best rules.

That's a long list but I've probably forgotten some things. At least unpacking (when I get round to it) will be like Xmas.

Saturday 14 June 2014

Star Wars X-Wing for 'free' and an update on my move.

Things are finally coming together with my house move. I'd hoped to be all sorted out April/May time but I had a bit of a health scare which has put things back a couple of months (don't you just love getting old!). So I'm going to be renting somewhere now until I find a place to buy. That means a lot of my gaming stuff will be in storage so I'm currently trying to sort out what to take with me.

I have a bunch of things I want to play like the 'Heroes of Normandie' board game stuff I got from the Kickstarter which has just arrived and the X-Wing miniatures game.

I'd resisted X-Wing for ages as I thought it was expensive for what you got. But I kept reading batreps and it did sound fun and the clincher was that I found I could get the starter set free, well sort of.

Most people in the UK will know that Tesco have a reward scheme that gives you Clubcard points every time you shop. Normally I save these up all year and use the vouchers to buy scifi/fantasy books from Tesco Direct books as a Xmas present to myself. Last year I noticed that they had the 'Force on Force' rulebook available and I used some of my points to get it. So when the urge to splurge on X-Wing reared its head again I checked out Tesco Direct to see if they had it and they did! A quick check on my points total showed I had more than enough to buy the game and a couple of days later it arrived.

There's a lot more to the game than I'd thought and I've had fun playing it solo using an excellent AI opponent that I found online. I think the starter box is great value (especially as it cost me nothing) but the booster packs do seem expensive although you don't need many models to play a standard 100pt game. (Like wargamers will ever resist buying everything that comes out for a game!)

I'm off up to the frozen north next week to check out some rental properties and I'm planning on popping in to the local wargames club to say Hi and check out the local gaming scene at the same time. Hopefully I'll be back gaming and posting regularly sometime in July.

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